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Names: Sarah-Jane, SJ, Sayjay, Slaycandy
D.O.B. 12th February 1987
Website: Radiance
Email: Bubblybwitched at hotmail dot com

Responsibilities at D.A.O: Design, layout and coding. Updating the Gallery, and Media sections. Contributed wallpapers and icons to the media section. Also working on some of the information for the Series section.

Likes: Dark Angel (LOL!) Making wallpapers. Supernatural, Buffy, Angel, True Blood, Veronica Mars. Movies. Garfield. Conventions. And the three P's: Pizza, Pepsi Max and Popcorn.

Dislikes: Spiders. Does that count as a dislike? More of a fear, really.

Info: Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. Left high school in 2004, graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree in "Maths With Economics" in 2009, and just started university again to do a Law Degree. I am cursed, bad things happen to me and around me, I'm accident prone and disease prone, so really, it's probably best you just know me via the net.

Names: David, David B
D.O.B. 20th January 1983
Facebook: David Bedwell
Email: Db6937 at hotmail dot com

Responsibilities at D.A.O: ...

Likes: Dark Angel. Supernatural. True Blood. Lost. Prison Break. 24. Veronica Mars. 4400. Vanished. Heroes. WWE. Horror Movies. Muse. Blink 182

Info: I'm David. I may know you from Showmasters, from Staffordshire University, from Darrick Wood, or from Crofton. Perhaps even Bromley or Petts Wood. Or some other random place in the world.

I can be a contradiction. I'm too mature, but not mature enough. I'm creative, but I'm lazy. I'm patient for some, impatient with others. I can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. In the end, I'm an honest guy. I'll tell you anything you want to know. I can't be bothered hiding anything, so I'm an open book really. I feel what I feel. I can be trusted, relied on, and sensitive when I need to be. But I can be argumentative, and a complete bastard too.

I'm me. I doubt that'll ever change. Some love me, some hate me. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Names: Garfield
Responsibilities at D.A.O: Garfield is our website Mascott!!!

Likes: Lasagna, lasagna, lasagna. Laying about. His teddy Pooky.

Dislikes: Odie. Effort.

Info: Garfield is a fat, ginger cat who enjoys lazing around, watching TV and eating lasagna. He lives with his owner Jon, and his other pet, Odie, the dog that Garfield likes to torment.